In an interview with "New time" a well-known Ukrainian writer Vasyl Shklyar told about the problems concerning the creation of the Crimean Tatar cultural autonomy saying Crimea has never been Ukrainian land, and more than that - it will never be.

- This land belongs to the Crimean Tatars. I will not say that this is only their problem. This is the problem of the world community, including Ukraine. Crimean Tatars must gain a foothold as they don’t have any other land. Although now they are clinging to Ukraine, want to be autonomy within Ukraine, I know that every nation is dreaming of its own state since only their own state can ensure the development. Therefore, I believe this land should belong to the Crimean Tatars, said the writer.

Shklyar added that Ukrainian society is diverse due to historical circumstances and right now this prevents it from building "a strong attractive state in the realistic limits."

Photo: Internet