One of founders of the NGO Milli Fırqa, Director of the Crimean Tatar Republican İsmail Gaspralı’s Library Hayder Emir, member of Keneş (Council) Server Abla, as well as Deputy Editor-in-chief of ‘Poluostrov’ (Peninsula) newspaper Feride Tarsin have left the NGO Milli Fırqa. 
H. Emir did not want to comment his actions but noted that time will come when he will comment in detail his retirement from the organization.
Moreover, he considers that there should be rotation among the elites. "It is necessary to introduce people, have got education and training who will work selflessly in these structures" - Mr Emir said.
Milli Fırqa leadership estimated these statements of the organization members as the actions of people, who do not have the courage. There is no place for such people"- it is said in the statement of the organization’s leadership.
According to the press service, 16 January, this statement was considered at an enlarged meeting of Keneş’s Milli Fırqa.
NGO’s leadership binds retirement of H. Emir, S. Abla, F. Tarsin with the position of Milli Fırqa concerning the support of some candidates to the post of President of Ukraine.
"As known, 5 January, Milli Fırqa called their compatriots on to support none of presidential candidates of Ukraine, thus expressing a political protest against the current lawlessness against the Crimean Tatar people. Keneş members stated the Crimean Tatar national movement united people strong courage, manly, ready to sacrifice their own wellbeing for the future of their people during ten years.
QHA reported earlier that 15 January 2010, statement of Hayder Emir, Server Abla and Feride Tarsin on their withdrawal from Milli Fırqa with a reason: ‘Because of aggravated contradictions with the leadership of the organization on the main political and ideological issues’ was issued.
According to the reliable sources, as known, members of the Milli Fırqa, which stated on support none of presidential candidates of Ukraine, took actively part in the formation of electoral commissions on behalf of the presidential candidate of Ukraine Yuliya Tymoshenko and the campaign until recently, according to the decision of Milli Fırqa itself. "However, literally they putting BYuT headquarters in a difficult position withdrew from the commission a few days before the election" - the source says.
Keneş Milli Fırqa’s Chairman Vasvi Abdurahim commenting this information noted that at the present organization is not cooperating with the Bloc of Yuliya Tymoshenko and is not involved in the formation of electoral commissions. "As a matter of fact some members by their own initiative were a part of election commissions from the Presidential candidate of Ukraine Yuliya Tymoshenko in order to earn money" - V. Abduraim reported.
Moreover, he noted that they withdrew from the commission after Milli Fırqa has decided to call the Crimean Tatars on to support none of the candidates.

Hayder Hacimambet – Nara Nariman