The Russian "Head of Crimea" Sergei Aksyonov said he has not enough authority "to make operational decisions for the development of the republic", reports Kommersant.

- As of now, I'm powerless as a Governor. I’ve influence neither on federal, nor security forces. I even cannot reprimand the heads of executive authorities. So to say, for today I have no power at all to make decisions quickly, he said at a meeting of the Crimean Public Chamber.

He added that it is necessary to establish an effective management model, as he has to keep many issues under personal control."

Aksenov said Crimean authorities are experiencing staff shortage:

- We have 1600 jobs in the municipalities, 500 vacancies in the national government, but no one wants to work.

In addition, he admitted he does not know how to cover this staff shortage:

- We have to take five-year experienced order bearers. Where can we find them? Let's think about the formation of personnel reserve, which will work for the future.

Reminder: in September, Sergei Aksenov proposed to raise the average salary of employees for the national government agencies to RUB 47.5 thousand, and the average salary of municipal officials - up to RUB 30 thousand.