(QHA) -

Belgrade would have to join EU sanctions against Moscow if it wants to be part of the European Union. EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn announced this on Thursday.

"Serbia has taken a legislative commitment within the EU accession negotiations to bring its positions in line with those of the EU. Harmonization includes the tough issues as well, like the tough issue of sanctions against Russia. We are expecting of Serbia to hold on to these commitments," Russian agency RIA Novosti reports, citing Serbian daily Vecerne Novosti.

Hahn's comments come on the day that he is on a visit to Belgrade to meet heads of state and government.

Aleksandar Vucic, the country's Prime Minister, has maintained Serbian politics "will not change overnight". In his words, the government takes decisions independently, "in line with the interests" of Serbia.

Earlier, in October, Vucic announced Serbia had never imposed and wouldn’t ever impose sanctions against Russia.