Separatists release 9 Ukrainian servicemen

An exchange of prisoners of war between Ukraine and the LPR and DPR was a success.

29 October 2015 16:00

9 Ukrainian servicemen have been released today, wrote Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko on his Facebook page.

“Good news everybody!  9 Ukrainian servicemen have been released today. Long live Ukraine!” wrote Poroshenko.

Irina Geraschenko, Ukraine’s humanitarian representative at Minsk negotiations, congratulated the released servicemen but said that it is too early to celebrate because 139 Ukrainian soldiers are still being held by the separatists.

“Today I am very happy because I know how hard it was to do that. The 9 servicemen are real heroes – Alexander Mikhailyuk, who was captured defending Donetsk airport, and Vladimir and Dmitry Polischuk. And other guys who will be at home in a few hours. We are continuing our work, because another 139 Ukrainians are still being held by the separatists. 788 Ukrainians are still unaccounted for. We must find all of them,” ,” wrote Geraschenko on her Facebook page.

LPR and DPR militants have confirmed the exchange taking place, following which 11 of their comrades were released.