It’s more than likely that there are some other accords on separatism elimination in Ukraine, first of all. We see that as of now the intensity of some anti-government protests in Kharkov, Odessa and other cities has diminished. This separatist movement is neither defeated, nor suppressed, it is stopped. I think the first point to have been agreed, but not stated, is to reduce the pressure on the country internal policy for it to be able to implement the Minsk Agreement, as well as hold a full-fledged political constitutional reform, said Ruslan Bortnik, Director of the Ukrainian Institute of Policy Analysis and Management.

- The second point was the question of Ukrainian radicals and volunteer associations. We see what happened to them over the Minsk Agreement period. The third obvious point discussed at a meeting was the European economic assistance to Ukraine and, possibly, for the Donbas too, said Ruslan Bortnik.