Russia intensely pulls its military units to the border with Belarus and Ukraine, building new military bases. Last week, there was a relocation of the 28th separate motorized rifle brigade of the Armed Forces from the Urals to Klintsy (40 km from the border with Belarus). Such actions of the Russian Federation recall the situation before World War II, when Stalin pulled in troops to the Polish-Ukrainian border, according to Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement on the distribution of spheres of influence.

Is it possible that Vladimir Putin cannot stop his appetite and tries to revive the disintegrated "Empire" having begun offensive action into Ukraine. After all, while the West tries to rein in the Russian President, he does not waste time in vain stepping up the military strength.

“The Russian Federation declares that in this way it tries to defend its interests against the expansion of NATO, but the General Staff of Ukraine adheres to other attitude. Besides the probable escalation and risks existing in the East of our country, we - in connection with deployment of Russian military bases on the territory of Bryansk, Smolensk and Belgorod regions (Russia) - also expect threats preparing for them, especially in these areas. There is also a threat southwards, from the territory of the occupied Crimea. So, we understand that the deployment of these bases is primarily directed against Ukraine,” Vladislav Seleznev, press service chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, told a QHA correspondent. 

Russian diplomats explain their actions by the fact that Russia is being overcautious against possible attacks of NATO and Ukraine.

Although the threat actually comes from Russia rather than Ukraine, and that is just the Russian Federation is waging war against Ukraine. There are no destroyed cities in Russia, and no one claimed her territory, in contrast to Ukraine, where Russia constantly sends its military personnel and military equipment to.

According to Russian Ambassador to Belarus Alexander Surikov, a new military base in Belarus is allegedly deploying due to the existing "radical forces" in Ukraine (the nationalist movement - Ed.).

“This is the so-called "white noise" - information pressure to justify their actions. After all, those who live in Ukraine are well aware that the nationalist movement is not so critical, it is not so decisive in our country's politics, as it was declared by representatives of the diplomatic corps of the Russian Federation,” said Vladislav Seleznev.