Lenur Islyamov’s SimSitiTrans transport company in Simferopol is still being searched.

According to information provided to the QHA news agency (Crimean News Agency) by an employee of the company, armed police are still on the site with 2-3 gunmen standing at the entrance and a bus of the Special Purpose Mobility Unit being on the territory.

The employee also said that the buses of the SimSitiTrans Company are working in the ordinary course.

Reminder: today morning, Nov 2, the FSB in the city of Simferopol searched the houses of Elzara Islyamova, director with ATR TV channel, journalist Lily Budzhurova and Eden Islyamov, director of SimSitiTrans Company. All three are colleagues working at the enterprise of Lenur Islyamov, one of the organizers of Crimea’s civil blockade aimed at stopping business with Russia-occupied Crimea.

In addition, according to Islyamov, the security forces are searching his home in Moscow.

It also became known that the Russian Central Bank revoked the license of Islyamov-owned Just Bank to conduct foreign exchange operations.

Photo: AFP