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All museum exhibits included in "The Crimea. Gold and secrets from the Black Sea” exhibition at the Allard Pierson Archeological Museum will be returned to Ukraine, the Ukrainian Culture Ministry said in a statement on June 26.

"The Dutch Foreign Ministry has confirmed acknowledging all pieces of the exhibition to be state property of Ukraine," the document reads.

Meanwhile Russia said it if the Scythian gold exhibits are transferred to Ukraine, this would create a negative precedent, violate museum laws and force Crimea to file a lawsuit with the International Court of Justice, Andrei Kovalchuk, chairman of the Russian Public Chamber Culture Committee announced.

The exhibition titled, "The Crimea. Gold and secrets from the Black Sea," opened at the Allard Pierson Museum, an archeological museum at Amsterdam University, in early February.

It contained collections from five Ukrainian museums, including one in Kiev and four in Crimea.

It displays over 500 archeological finds, including artifacts from Scythian gold, a ceremonial helmet, precious stones, swords, armor, house ware of the ancient Greeks and Scythians.

Since the Netherlands does not recognize Crimea's unification with Russia, which took place after the exhibition opening, the question arose as to whom the collection should be returned to once the exhibition closes in August.