The official SBU website published materials about repressed Crimean Tatar elite.

In the course of repressions in 1920-1930s a nascent socialist state was systematically decimating almost the entire Crimean Tatar elite.

Most of the defendants on the "black list" were accused of active participation in the so-called "Crimean counterrevolutionary organization "M-F" (Milli Firka) and the struggle against Soviet authorities.

Some were tried for relationship with "nationalists from other regions of the USSR." The penalty for many of them was execution by firing squad.

Those luckier were either imprisoned in concentration camps or exiled to Siberia for 3, 5, 8 or 10 years.

For example, the sentence for Memet Abdulla charged with "spying for Turkey" - 3 years in a concentration camp.

Almost near every name on the list the SBU published there is an inscription - "capital punishment."

In this photo - Turupchi Umer Dzhelil accused of holding a leading position in the "M-F" and engaging in its anti-Soviet activity. He was imposed a death penalty.

For more information about the victims of Soviet repressions, as well as pictures of the indigenous Crimean inhabitants killed by the then authorities visit the SBU website.

"M-F" (Milli Firka) is a Crimea Tatar socio-political movement founded in July 1917 by representatives of the national intelligentsia.

A huge role in the creation of the movement was played by a national Crimea Tatar hero Noman Çelebicihan.

After in January 1918 Bolsheviks came to power in Crimea, "Milli Firka" was banned.