Currently, a rally is being held outside the Presidential Administration of Ukraine. The prisoners’ mothers demand from the President decisive actions in order to return home their sons. The MP Nadiya Savchenko, who is also present at the rally, announced her next steps in this direction.

By the law, a letter to the President will be considered for ten days. I will also hold a personal meeting with Poroshenko and tell him all this. We demand at least a report on the work done, as well as to tell what steps have been taken and will be made in the future, said Savchenko.

The MP went on saying she would continue her hunger strike, which started on August, 3.

August, 2 the MP Nadiya Savchenko urged Ukrainians to take to the Administration of the President and demand a report on the activities targeting the return of the Ukrainian prisoners illegally held in Russia and Donbas. In order to stress her protest against the authorities’ inaction the recently freed from Russia’s captivity MP Nadiya Savchenko said she goes on a hunger strike again.