As per the Russian Penal Code, Nadezhda Savchenko will be force-fed, Ukrinform quotes Marat Feigin, Savchenko’s lawyer, as saying.

Earlier on, Mark Feigin visited Nadezhda Savchenko in a predention center after she went on a waterless hunger strike.

“Under the Russian Penal code, hunger-striking prisoners ‘cannot be allowed to starve themselves to death’. Therefore, the prison authorities, who cannot afford to let Nadezhda die, will try and keep her alive,” Feigin said.

According to what he was told, Feigin surmised that despite Savchenko not giving permission to force-feed her, she would be force-fed.

“If that happens, that will mean a rollback to the old Soviet practice of force-feeding hunger-striking political prisoners and dissidents,” Feigin said.

Today, Mark Feigin published Savchenko’s statement on his Facebook page dated March 4, saying she would be on a hunger strike until she was handed over to Ukraine.

Savchenko said she would go on a waterless hunger strike after a court hearing in her case ended abruptly on Thursday. Presiding judge Leonid Stepanenko did not even allow her to deliver a closing speech.

In her statement, Nadezhda forbids to force-feed her. In the event of her death, she wants no autopsy to be carried out on her body and demands that it be handed over to her relatives.