In an interview with, Mark Feigin, Nadezhda Savchenko’s lawyer, said she might be released by December 31.

“That would be quite acceptable. However, Kremlin will try and derive as many political dividends as it can from this whole situation,” said Feigin.

Feigin alleged that once Savchenko is handed over to Ukraine, Russia may say: “We handed her over to Ukraine for serving her term, but the Kiev Junta let the murderer go”.

“Courts are but an extension of an authoritarian state in Russia. It would be naïve to think that there are free courts in Russia. There are no free courts in Russia,” said Feigin.

Feigin went on to say that the Convention would only be applicable in Savchenko case once her sentence, which was written as far back as a year ago, was appealed with a second court of appeal.

“I think they will send her home by December 31,” said Feigin.

According to Feigin, it is highly unlikely that Savchenko case will fall under an amnesty. The decision lies with the Russian Presidential Administration, which has been in no hurry to take it yet.

It was reported earlier the Russian Justice Ministry said on October 1 it might hand over Savchenko to Ukraine if a guilty verdict in her case handed down by a Russian court is recognized.