Russia’s Donetsk City Court prevented Savchenko from seeing Ukrainian consuls and medics, as well as her mother and sister, says a message posted on a Twitter page of Nikolay Polozov, Savchenko’s lawyer.

“Donetsk City Court is not going to allow any visitations until March 21’, Polozov writes.

Savchenko’s sister Vera has no idea why she is not allowed to see her sister.

“Nadya has made her final statement (and not the last one!). Her sentence is expected to be delivered on March 21-22. They are not allowing me to see her! Only after March 21! Why?” writes Nadezda’s sister on her Facebook page.

Nadezhda’s mother and sister, as well as Ukrainian medics and consuls, were supposed to see her in a pre-trial detention center in the Russian town of Novocherkassk. According to Mariya Ivanovna, Nadezhda’s mother, she last saw her daughter last December.