Nadiya Savchenko is not going to appeal against the Court’s decision and announces the resumption of a dry hunger strike.

- The "Court" of the Russian Federation has sentenced me to 22 years in prison and fined RUB 30,000 ($ 412). The "judge" could have gone down in history ... rather than tumbling into it. 10 days - and the "verdict" comes into effect. I am not going to file an appeal to a nonexistent court. I will resume a dry hunger strike as of 06.04.16. Well, now it is only the beginning... It is better to die in Ukraine, than to live in Russia! Ukraine above all! Nadiya wrote on Facebook.

Yesterday, the Donetsk City Court in Rostov region of the Russian Federation convicted the Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko of killing two Russian journalists and sentenced to 22 years in prison.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry called the verdict a breakdown of the Minsk Agreements.

As QHA reported earlier, Petro Poroshenko made an official statement on the sentence pronounced on Ukrainian Nadiya Savchenko who is illegally held by Kremlin.

Photo: Internet