Ukrainian MP Nadezhda Savchenko explained from the rostrum of the Parliament that if you compare Ukraine with a grenade, its Constitution is a grenade ring, and the occupied Donbas is a grenade pin.

“Fist is our government, and it holds Ukraine, which explodes. A pin spring wants to detonate from the grenade. Here, take and hold the expander, as long as you can. Or take in your hand a grenade. If the government can keep Ukraine in integrity, after amendments to the Constitution, then we are now able to make changes,” Savchenko said throwing the expander.

However, Nadezhda Savchenko believes that the acting authorities cannot maintain a stable situation in the country, a QHA correspondent reports from the Parliament.

According to Nadezhda, after making changes to the Constitution the militants will present Ukrainian authorities their version of the Constitutional Law dictated by the Russian Federation. Savchenko demands detail consideration of the bill No. 3524 providing for amendments to the Constitution.