Nadezhda Savchenko, being illegally kept in prison in Russia, has sent the request to Viktor Shokin, Prosecutor General of Ukraine, asking him to check the judges and investigators in Oles Busyna murder case. 

According to the statement of Ihor Lutsenko, MP from Batkivshchyna party, posted on his Facebook page, the request states that Savchenko does not want the Russian lawlessness to be repeated in Ukraine. 

“Please carry out additional, fair, objective and unbiased check of materials in the case, investigative techniques, as well as investigators, prosecutors and judges related to the investigation of the murder of Busyna and accusation of Medvedko Andrei and Denis Polishchuk of his murder. I personally experience lawlessness and dishonesty of trail in Russia and do not want this to happen in Ukraine!” Savchenko said.