Today, in her interview outside the Verkhovna Rada during the all-Ukrainian protest march against the increase of utility tariffs, a Ukrainian MP Nadezhda Savchenko commented on the renaming streets in Kyiv, as part of decommunization, as well as relations between the authorities and people, a QHA correspondent reports.

“Horishni means cherries, Plavni - rapids of the Dnieper River or moorland. As a result, we’ve got a good authentic name. You can find such names in every Ukrainian city,” N.Savchenko said.

The journalists asked the Hero of Ukraine about political repressions and totalitarian regimes in the world.

“It is terrible when there are totalitarian regimes in states. In Russia, China and Belarus, for example. In such countries, there are only the interests of power, supported by awe. Only action can save - any power can be overcome, the history knows such examples,” encouraged the MP.

In June, the Ukrainian MP Nadezhda Savchenko visited the city of Zaporozhye, where she rose by a truck crane to a 20-meter mural with her portrait on the wall of a high-rise building and left her autograph and expression of gratitude to Ukrainians for their support.

Answering the citizens' questions related to her political plans, as well as the chance to become president of Ukraine in the future, Savchenko said she sees the Ukraine's future without presidents.

Photo: Internet