A statement to this effect has been made by Vitaly Kasko, Deputy General Prosecutor.

“Judging by what I hear from our Western partners, we should not be counting on the sanctions being extended. I feel we should focus on seizing property and launching criminal investigations, and not on requesting that the sanctions be extended. That is unlikely to happen,” said Kasko.

According to Deputy General Prosecutor, the sanctions will get lifted in a phased manner starting early next year and finishing next March.

The EU’s reasoning  is quite simple: Ukrainian law enforcement agencies had two years to conduct a full-fledged investigation and ‘request for international help in arresting Yanukovitch’s bank accounts, property and other assets abroad’.

“If two years is not enough, then the law enforcement agencies are not doing their job properly. And that’s why we should not be counting on the sanctions being extended,” said Kasko.