Russia's actions in the UN Security Council jeopardize the status of the organization and could force the United States and other allied countries to act independently, Guardian reports, citing Samantha Power, the US permanent representative to the United Nations.

Samantha Power mentioned that Russia vetoed the resolution on Syria four times, as this decision would be unprofitable to the Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Besides, the Kremlin blocked the actions of the UN Security Council regarding the war in Ukraine.

“If it is continues, not only with regard to Syria and Ukraine, it will jeopardize the status of the Security Council, its authority and status of international arbitrator in security matters,” said Samantha Power.

As it is known, 67 countries in the UN Security Council supported the idea of developing a mechanism to block the veto of the permanent members of the UN Security Council. However, the Kremlin has strongly objected to this.