Press center of the Security Service of Ukraine informs about an attempt to recruit a Ukrainian diplomat, an expert of Encryption Department, by the Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB).

It is reported that Russian special services tried to recruit the diplomat through his military school classmate, now a retired colonel of the Russian Armed Forces.

“FSB forced him to make contact with the Ukrainian diplomat to propose a confidential cooperation,” reads the SBU report.

In case of getting the diplomat’s consent, Russian special services offered to settle his property privatization issue in Crimea and facilitate the transportation of his family to Russia. In case of refusal, they threatened to create the conditions for mobilization of his son to the Armed Forces of Ukraine with subsequent service in ATO area.

However, Ukraine’s SBU (Security Service) has excluded the possibility of such actions by the Russian special services. Following Ukraine’s intelligence service instructions, the diplomat refused further contacts and 'cooperation' with the Russian FSB employees. The SBU staff provided protection of the diplomat’s family and organized his return to Ukraine.

Photo: Internet