(QHA) -

Russian social network service “Odnoklassniki”, which was created as analog of US Facebook in 2006, has blocked and then deleted one of the most popular Crimean Tatar community “Crimea and Crimean Tatars” from its website, referring to “violation of regulations of the website by the community’s followers”.

Mustafa Mukhteremov, the head of Crimean Tatar community in Moscow said this to QHA.

According to Mukhteremov, the community was followed by more than 14 thousand people, who discussed Crimean Tatar issues related to culture, traditions, political situation etc.

“A started following the community long ago. I remember we discussed the movie (First and the only Crimean Tatar full-length movie Khaytarma, directed by Akhtem Seytablayev, -ed.). It was the biggest discussion of the site”- Mukhtremov said.

It should be noted that another community, also titled “Crimea and Crimean Tatars” has already been created in the Odnoklassniki.