SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - Representatives of pro-Russian organizations said that Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people “while losing its political and social influence in Crimean society is trying to use the tragedy in the mosques for its own selfish purposes”. This was said by deputy head of “Russian communities of Crimea” organization Evgeniy Kostilev at a press conference in Simferopol. “Land squatting in Dobroye settlement, events in Molodezhnoye, mosques set on fire in Sakskiy and Krasnogvardeyskiy districts – these are all cynical and cheap attempts of self-appointed body (edit.-Mejlis), which wants to rock the peaceful boat called “Interethnic relations in Crimea”, said the chieftain of the Cossack brotherhood “Unity” Anton Sirotkin. According to pro-Russian organizations, “all these actions were undertaken by Mejlis leadership to once again show the extent to which the Crimean Tatars are allegedly oppressed”. To be noted, in September 2013, Polish human rights activists visited Crimea. The trip was due to provocative events in Crimea in respect to Crimean Tatars. Human rights defenders learnt that representatives of Cossack organization and “Russian Unity” party openly threatened the Crimean Tatars with new pogroms at the land squatters. The organizations have also openly opposed the construction in Simferopol the Crimean Tatar cultural center. Delegation from Poland met with Crimean Tatars at the land squatters in Molodezhnoye settlement. Representatives of pro-Russian organizations arrived at the site where disputes took place. According to Sirotkin, human rights activists were bribed by Mejlis representative Ali Khamzin. As reported, 2 mosques were set on fire in Crimea on the eve of Muslim Kurban Bayram holiday; one in Sakskiy district, another one in Krasnogvardeyskiy district of Crimea. Also, a conflict took place in Dobroye settlement of Simferopolskiy district, where land allocated for the construction of a mosque was redefined for the construction of a market place.