In his interview with Interfax, Grigory Yavlinsky intending to run for presidency in 2018 said that the Crimean peninsula could be returned by holding another referendum, but under the supervision of the European Union and Ukraine.

“Of course, it would be good to hold a referendum in Crimea under the international control. But that's my personal opinion. What will be the decision of the Conference is another question. I want my country to have internationally recognized borders. I want the people living in Crimea to be equal citizens of Europe. But most importantly - the problem will be solved when Russia says: we are a European country, we are building our future together with Europe, under the rules the hundreds of millions of people are living,” said Yavlinsky.

The politician also said that before the referendum the Russia’s key actions must be the recognition of the illegality of the annexation of Crimea and its violation of international norms.

“First you need to acknowledge that Russia acted illegally, violated the international norms and treaties signed by itself. Then, it is necessary to convene the international conference with the participation of the EU countries, Ukraine, Russia, and other interested states to develop a step by step plan to solve this problem. Not one person sitting in Moscow or anywhere else will think of something, but a joint decision will be made – balanced and correct, without bloodshed,” said the Russian politician.

It was reported earlier by QHA that the Russian political party Yabloko has declared it considers the Crimea annexation illegal.

Ukraine's Parliament declared February 20, 2014 an official date of starting the Russian occupation of Crimea.

Photo: Internet