The corresponding information was posted by Deputy General Director of ATR TV Channel Eider Muzhdabaev on his Facebook page:

- Crimean Tatars have started posting this information in social networks since Tuesday evening. Knowing the behavior of this "authorities", I have no reason for distrust.

"People! Urgently! Info from Crimea!! Balbec ordered to collect Crimean Tatars’ signatures against the Crimean blockade! The signatures will be collected from those who work at state-owned enterprises (schools, kindergartens, hospitals, and so on). People are outraged and horrified since refusal to sign will be followed by dismissal... at best. The signatures will be collected as of tomorrow."

- Now you know the atmosphere the Crimean Tatars are forced to live in their homeland, as well as the price for all these signatures, added Muzhdabaev.