(QHA) -

A Russian MP on Tuesday proposed that a nuclear power plant should be built in Crimea to resolve the problem of power shortages in the region, saying "Atomic energy is absolutely reliable and is used throughout the world".

"Crimea has two problems: electric power generation and water. A nuclear power plant will help resolve these problems once and for ever," Viktor Rogotsky, a member of the Committee for Economic Policy at the Federation Council, the upper house of Russia’s parliament noted.

"Technologically, the [Crimean] energy system cannot operate in an isolated mode for a long time and from the viewpoint of electric power generation, the generating capacities are still insufficient for providing Crimea with electricity in full," Crimean Deputy Fuel and Energy Minister Yevgeny Dyomin told the Committee meeting.

Crimea plans to build two electric power plants with a total capacity of 900 MW, and has also launched a project of an 850 MW electric power bridge with Russia, he added.

The Black Sea peninsula, which joined Russia a year ago, is still fully dependent on electricity supplies from Ukraine.