Russian MP Roman Khudyakov proposes to redesign the 100-ruble note to feature an image of Sevastopol, as the current image shows "intimate parts of the body”, TVI reports.

Khudyakov says the note, which features a drawing of the Apollo statue atop the Bolshoi Theater, violates Russian law on the protection of children from harmful information, because it shows "intimate parts of the body."

"Given that this denomenation of banknote often falls into the hands of children as pocket money, I urge you to help change the design of the banknotes or otherwise bring it in line with current legislation," Khydyakov wrote in a letter to the head of the Bank of Russia, Elvira Nabiullina.

Khudyakov suggested the bill should be marked with an "18+" warning.

Earlier, Russia announced its plans to issue a banknote dedicated to Crimea.