State Duma MP Igor Zotov by his own example showed that tankers shouldn’t be well-fed. At the military exhibition in Nizhny Tagil, the MP decided to inspect the fighting machine from inside, but could not get out, reports the Notebook Edition.

According to the latter, the spectators who came to the RAE-2015 exhibition noticed MP’s unsuccessful attempts to get out of the inspected tank. While the poor tanker was trying to get out through a hatch, everybody could hear the threats to shoot all those present. The only fact that saved observers from the promised massacre was that the tank was not armed.

By his own example Zotov showed Tractor Plants product being unsuitable for people with "ample curves". Therefore, the tank was rejected by the visitors and MP.

For five hours Igor Zotov had been a tank crew until rescue workers helped him out through the hatch. In combat conditions such incidents risk of being fatal, as a person can burn alive. Therefore, the MP was very angry and threatened to execute all those present.

Currently the MP is outside the tank, so there is no threat to his health.