Michael Bryachak, MP from the Fair Russia faction, the First Deputy Chairman of the Transport Committee of the State Duma and a member of the Parliamentary Ethics Commission, in an interview with Argumenti Nedeli, voiced his opinion that the United Russia party speculated and tried to monopolize the event of the "referendum" in Crimea. According to the MP, the low level of the regional authorities’ activities is the reason for Crimeans distrust in the party.

“Today, the position of the United Russia party has been strongly shaken by the events that are now taking place in Crimea due to a low level of organization of the authorities’ work. They are formed, coordinated and controlled entirely by one party. In fact, it has formed a monopoly of power, which today gives a negative performance in the provision of life support to population. Unfortunately, the only growth is the growth of corruption!”  Bryachak said in response to a reporter's question about the level of support for the Fair Russia among Crimeans.

According to Bryachak, the majority of people in Russia and Crimea are aware of the facts of corruption and usurpation of power.

On April 22, the activists of Asker social formation seized a luxury car brand Bentley, owned by Alexander Melnik, ex-MP of the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea from the Party of Regions, at Kalanchak checkpoint.

Alexander Melnik is known to be one of the leaders of Salem organized crime group which committed dozens of murders. He took an active part in the occupation of Crimea and voted for Russia's annexation of Crimea and the so-called Crimean constitution. He ran for deputy to the "State Council" of Crimea, as well.

Photo: Internet