Ukrainian armed forces continue to face off against the Russian militants who have surrounded or blocked military installations throughout Crimea.

On March 5, militants have seized military anti-aircraft missile units in Evpatoria and Sevastopol (Fiolent), control equipment was broken, missile launch sites were taken under Russian militants’ control, TSN reports.

Invaders demanded Ukrainian troops to surrender and leave the territory of units.

Local pro-Russian activists assist Russian militants.

Same men were seen in seizure of Belbek air base in Sevastopol on March 4.

To recall, at the Belbek military installation in Crimea, Ukrainian soldiers refused to surrender to Russian troops and instead marched, unarmed, to confront them in the face of warning shots.

Meanwhile the Russian Black Sea Fleet has for two days running blocked the entrances to two bays of Sevastopol, First Deputy Head of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine Pavlo Shysholin has reported.

Moreover, Russian military men ordered the Ukrainian border guards manning checkpoint in Kerch in Crimea to lie down on the floor, threatening them with weapons.