The report that the Turkish authorities ordered general mobilization was first posted on an Azerbaijani website which in turn quoted a message by Rashad Mamedov, a Turkish national of Azerbaijani descent, which he posted on his Facebook page. Being a reserve lieutenant, he was allegedly served a military subpoena ordering him to arrive at a call-up station with all his belongings, reports  IA REGNUM. In a few hours, Mamedov deleted his message and closed his account, but the journalists were able to take a screenshot of the message.

“Fake reports like this are widely used in information warfare, especially now that Bashar Assad’s troops are advancing toward the Turkish border in northern Syria,” says a report carried by the publication.

Interestingly, the fake report which cited a Facebook message was mostly published by Russian websites, which is a clear indication of who was behind it. The troll farm operating in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg may well be responsible for concocting the report.

It was reported earlier that Geoffrey R. Pyatt, US Ambassador to Ukraine, sharply criticized trolls being used on social media because ‘that is not the way to defeat this information warfare’.

By Eduard Solodovnik