Russian journalist Dmitry Kiselev, in his program “News of the week” threatened US with nuclear explosion in case of aggravation of conflict with Russia over Crimea. 

Kisilev’s program runs on the Russian state TV “Russia 1”.  Kisilev himself was recently awarded by President Putin for merits before the country, informs Zerkalo Nedeli.

“Earlier the Americans said that they suspend preparations for the Big 8 meeting in Sochi in June.  Like, they are boycotting Russia….But if so, why Obama keeps calling Putin?” asked Kiselev on air.

“Russia is the only country in the world, capable of transforming the U.S. into radioactive ash!” continued Kiselev and explained that Obama’s calls to Putin became more frequent after the article in one of the Russian newspapers about Russian system of nuclear retaliation “Perimeter”.  In the U.S. the system is called “dead hand”. 

Kiselev said that the invulnerable system is able to automatically launch the strategic missiles from mines and submarines in the needed directions.   

According to Kiselev, U.S. President Obama began to call President Putin more frequently after the article. 

“Is it a coincidence?” asked Kiselev.

Then, however, Kiselev said that war with the U.S. is already going on, but so far “informational war” only.