Russian football fans to be checked for extremism

Russian football fans will have to undergo thorough security screening that will help establish legal grounds for their entry to Ukraine and detect extremist-minded individuals amongst them.

15 October 2015 17:05

Russian fans of FC Chelsea (London) arriving in Kiev on October 20 to cheer for their favorite team will be subjected to thorough security screening, said Oleg Slobodyan, Chief Spokesperson for Ukraine’s Border Service.

“According to our information, some 100 Russian football fans are expected to arrive in Kiev to support their favorite team. Given potential risks posed by some of the fans, they will all be subjected to thorough security screening to help us detect extremist-minded individuals from amongst them, as well as those who may pose threat to Ukraine’s security,” he said.

FC Dynamo Kyiv and FC Chelsea (London) will face off in the Champions League at the Olympiysky stadium on October 20.