During the 2nd Livadia Forum, Sergey Tsekov, the head of the "Russian Community of Crimea," and Denis Pushilin, a representative of a terrorist entity of the "DPR" (Donetsk People's Republic), which positions itself as a "social movement of Donbas" have signed a cooperation agreement, which provides for a "common patriotic, humanitarian, cultural, social and political events, etc."

"We will work together to support the Russian compatriots in Ukraine, as well as establish links with various public institutions of both republics," CIA news agency reports.

In addition, the unrecognized puppet entities decided to exchange representative offices. Thus, "vice-speaker" of the Crimean parliament Andrei Kozenko was appointed as a representative of the "DPR" to Crimea, while deputy of the "People's Assembly" Valery Skorohodov as a representative of the "Russian community" to the "DPR."

Photo: Internet