Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that Russia and the United States should not sacrifice the Russian-American relations to certain international problems, albeit very important.  He said this in a telephone conversation with US President Barack Obama, during which they discussed the situation in Ukraine, UNIAN reports.

The discussion revealed differences in approaches and assessments of the causes of the current crisis and current state of affairs, Kremlin press service quotes Putin. 

According to Putin, Kyiv imposes Eastern and Southeastern regions and Crimea the illegitimate decisions. 

“Russia cannot ignore the calls for help in this regard and acts appropriately in full compliance with the international law,” stated Putin.

Putin also stressed the importance of Russian-US relations to ensure stability and security in the world.

“These relations should not be sacrificed to disagreements on certain- albeit very important –international issues,” he said.

Kremlin press service said that Putin and Obama agreed that Russian Foreign Ministry head Sergey Lavrov and US State Secretary John Kerry will continue active cooperation on this issue.