(QHA) -

Russia has deployed its troops to northern Crimea, Kherson region. This is where the main blow is expected to struck from.

Ukrainian MP, Former Crimean Prime Minister Sergey Kunitsyn announced this on the air of 112 Ukraine Channel.

"There (on the Crimean border with Kherson region- ed.) 5 thousand of Russian troops, 40 combat aircrafts, 20 attack helicopters, 6 amphibious ships, 52 tanks, 42 multiple rocket launchers, hundreds of armored vehicles and armored personnel carriers are deployed to Chongar and Perekop (northern Crimea,Crimean-Ukrainian border) - he said. The situation today is that Russia should give Crimea back to Ukraine or take Kherson region (southern Ukraine, close to Crimea)”- he added.

According to Kunitsyn, water reserves in Crimea will be enough for a month, while there is no technical opportunity to supply water from North Crimean Canal. All the water reserves in Crimea depend on Dnipro water and all the locks are located in Kherson region, mainland Ukraine.

“Ukraine now takes radical steps, as the main blow is expected from there”- Kunitsyn stressed.

Crimea seceded from Ukraine and joined Russia in March, a move that is not recognized by Kyiv, EU and US.