Stimulating and reinforcing negative attitudes and stereotypes rooted in people’s minds, Russia has played a catalytic role both in Crimea and Donbas, considers Yulia Tishchenko, Director of Program of Democratic Processes Support of the Ukrainian Independent Centre for Political Studies. She said it during the press conference on amnesty issues hosted by Kyiv on October 8, 2015.

With regard to Crimea, nobody knows, even Moscow, what have to be done after the potential de-occupation. Of course, it was the act of annexation and negotiations should be held with the Kremlin. But another issue is the situation with military, who betrayed Ukraine and gone over to the Russian Federation, as well as government officials and prosecutors broken their oath. All of them should be punished.

The Russia’s current policy doctrine is to isolate the Crimea in any way, and fact that the West more and more seldom mentions Crimea confirms that the conflict is frozen. However, the Crimea’s issue will remain point-blank long time. It must be a subject of ongoing appeal of the international community to Russia.