Russia: New laboratory to study mammoth cloning

In Yakutsk, Russian Federation, the first laboratory to study the extinct animal DNA has been launched. Scientists from the Zoological Institute seek out live cells of long-dead mammoths with a view to cloning.

1 September 2015 16:55

The experts want to do research work on the preserved remnants of a female mammoth found on the island of Small Lyakhovskiy. A muscle tissue of the animal and its blood in a liquid state will let to search for the correct reproduction method.

- It is believed now that the woolly mammoth genes are the best starting material for DNA extraction. But again, it should be freshly extracted from the permafrost. It is necessary to do it in time, until cuticular layer hasn’t started to crumble, since as soon as it happens the invasion of modern organisms will start, says Alexei Tikhonov, director of the Mammoth Museum at the city's Northeastern Federal University.