Russia is actively increasing its troops on the border with Ukraine. In particular, it builds a new military base, which continues the chain of military facilities along the Russia’s western border, being a front line, according to the Kremlin, in the growing confrontation with NATO, the Reuters reports.

“In the city of Klintsy, Bryansk region in western Russia (50 km from the border with Ukraine - Ed.) a reporter for Reuters saw a temporary military camp, a large number of soldiers just arrived and military equipment. Two soldiers in camouflage uniform at a checkpoint set up in the middle of the forest told the reporter to leave, saying that they protect the "special military facility,” reads the statement.

It is reported that the Russian Ministry of Defense has not officially recognized the movement of troops in Klintsy. However, a local administration official said that the city was chosen as a deployment site of a new division. So, about 240 soldiers have already arrived there. Journalists also observed more than a dozen large tents and as many military vehicles.

In addition, the Russian Federation has increased its activities in the Baltic region.

Estonia's Foreign Office reported that Russian An-26 military transport aircraft had violated the country's airspace on June 7. At the time of the air intrusion, the aircraft did not make radio contact with Estonian flight service. In addition, the transponder of the AN-26 was turned off. However, earlier the Estonian air traffic controller was presented a flight plan, according to which the aircraft was supposed to remain in international airspace.

The Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is reported to have already handed over a protest note to the Russian Ambassador to Estonia.

PHOTO: Reuters