(QHA) -

Russia has invited the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) to send observers to monitor two of its Russian-Ukrainian border crossings - Gukovo and Donetsk (Russia) as sign of goodwill, the Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

"In connection to the worsening situation in the region where Kyiv is carrying out its military operation in the southeast of Ukraine, the Russian side, in the order of goodwill and without waiting for a ceasefire is inviting OSCE observers to check points...on the Russian-Ukrainian border,"- Russian Foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov said in a statement.

Ukraine has demanded that independent monitoring be established to ensure Russia is controlling its border, as Kiev says Moscow is fanning violence in eastern Ukraine by allowing fighters and weapon to cross into its territory.

The OSCE, which is working with Kiev and Moscow to end the violence, said in June it had scaled back monitoring operations in eastern Ukraine and frozen further deployments after eight of its observers were held hostage for a month by pro-Russian separatists.