At the International Conference "Militarization of Occupied Crimea as a Threat to International Security", experts discussed the situation on the peninsula and the potential danger of Russian neighborhood. Valerie Ratchev, Bulgarian Ambassador and security expert, voiced his opinion on an archaic system of the European security.

“I think you should be fully aware that the European security system exists for 40 years, and we do not have new tools out of the conflict. The principle of interdependence has been destroyed in Europe. We thought the more open we are, the better it will be for Europe and the European community, but Russia has destroyed this principle,” said Valerie Ratchev.

The expert went on to say that Bulgaria's accession to NATO was justified not by external aggression, but internal necessity of the State itself. He suggested Ukraine should rely solely on itself.

“The reality now is that neither Europe nor the United States will be able to defend Ukraine,” he said.

According to the experts, the Russian Federation needs special privileges and status, to pose itself as a strong country.

“Russia isolates itself from Europe, although geographically belongs to it,” Valerie Ratchev concluded.