Eyewitnesses report increasingly more vehicles leaving Simferopol’s Anti-Terrorist Center located in Decabristy Street.

Personnel of the ‘E’ Center are reported to take witnesses with them, so more raids are likely to happen soon, Mejlis Deputy Chairman Nariman Jelyal wrote on his Facebook page.

According to him, police officers act provocatively during the raids.

“Eyewitnesses reported a police officer, tentatively identified as Alexey Malyuvanets - the one, who took part in the search of Timur Osmanov’s house - acting very provocatively, as if trying to get the people to react in an aggressive manner,” Jelyal wrote.

On the morning of May 26, police raided the houses of three Crimean Tatars - Timur Osmanov, Heiser Khalilov and Arthur Haltaev, reported Mustafa Jemilev, Ukrainian President’s Advisor on Crimean Tatar Affairs.

After the raid, Timur Osmanov was arrested and taken to the ‘E’ Center for interrogation. It is also reported that the raids are carried out on shopping sites collectively owned by suspected Crimean Tatars.