(QHA) -

The Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations (EMERCOM) has delivered 1,400 movable power generators to Crimea to ensure power supply to local residents, EMERCOM Chief Vladimir Puchkov told journalists on Tuesday, ITAR-TASS reports.

The power generators were delivered to Crimea to ensure power supply, above all, to socially important facilities, Puchkov said. The EMERCOM and the Crimean authorities have brought the situation in respect to power supply to Crimea under their control, Puchkov told journalists.

Ukraine imposed an emergency schedule of power supply to Crimea at 1.40 am local time on March 24.

The Crimean authorities were informed about sudden repairs launched on one of the power transmission lines in Ukraine, which cut the volume of power supply to Crimea by 50% and was followed by rolling power cuts off to facilities in Crimea by the Crimean power grid which complied with the set mode.