(QHA) -

The Central Bank of Russia (CB) is preparing for the illegal seizure of the infrastructure of the largest Ukrainian bank – PrivatBank– in Crimea, the press service of PrivatBank has reported.

“PrivatBank is operating under Ukrainian jurisdiction, not Russian one. We have all the resources to work with our client in Crimea except the legal basis”- reads the statement.

“The efforts of Russian Central Bank to control Privatbank Crimean branches are raider seizure. It prejudices the possibility of client servicing in Crimea region”- notes the statement.

Meanwhile, Crimean Prosecutor’s Office has filed a lawsuit to seize the physical assets of the Crimean branch of Privatbank, according to Crimean vice-premier of Rustam Temirgaliev.

“The Crimean Prosecutor’s Office has initiated legal proceedings to seize the property of Privatbank in order for the Deposit Insurance Agency to sell the property and then reimburse, at least partially, the deposits of Crimean residents and legal entities,” Temirgaliyev said.

Privatbank, which is Ukraine largest private bank and holds about 5 billion hryvnia ($445 million) in private deposits for customers in Crimea, halted operations there temporarily early March, citing legal uncertainty in the peninsula and an inability to deliver cash to the break-away region. The bank is partly owned by Ihor Kolomoisky, a Ukrainian tycoon with links to Kiev's new government.