(QHA) -

Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia found it difficult to explain why Ukraine’s ousted President Viktor Yanukovych remains in Russia for more than 90 days.

“It is difficult to comment the situation regarding Yanukovych,”- Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said Thursday when asked why Yanukovych has been in Russia for over three months.

“Some time ago Viktor Yanukovych asked to ensure his personal security, and such guarantees and opportunities were granted, - Lukashevich said. As regards the three-month period, I need to specify that with our legislation experts.”- he added.

It should be noted, according to Russian law, starting from January 1, 2014, Ukrainian citizens can remain on the territory of Russia without additional permits not more than 90 days.

Yanukovych was ousted after he made a last-minute decision not to sign an association agreement with the European Union that prompted protests in Kiev.

He fled Ukraine after nearly 100 died in three days of violent clashes in February.

He reappeared in March in southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don, where he said he was staying with friends.