Russian state channel ‘Russia 24’ is on air in Crimea today, broadcasting on the frequency of the cut off local broadcaster ‘Chernomorskaya’ TV. 

To recall, Crimean local broadcaster ‘Chernomorskaya’ TV Company was forced off air several days ago.

Head of the transmitting center said the broadcasting had been stopped because of reasons that were unrelated to the agency, but did not offer further details.

"Only two local channels were broadcasting on the territory of the whole Crimea—Chernomorskaya TV and Crimean state broadcaster GTRK Krym. By turning off Chernomorskaya, regional residents have been stripped of their right to choose. Now, we all must have only one, 'correct' opinion," Aleksandra Kvitko, ‘Chernomorskaya’ chief editor said.

To remind, Chernomorskaya TV Company belongs to two deputies of 'Batkivshina' party (A. Senchenko and L. Denisova), which is an opposition to Crimean authorities.