(QHA) -

Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta announced Monday his country had decided to halt joint economic projects with Russia.

"Romania is not directly affected. But Russia is exerting influence on Moldova and its pro-European way," Ponta explained according to Ekonomicheskie Izvestiya ("Economic News").

“With Russia in the current economic context, I do not see the development of economic ties, even more so their impairment” – Ponta added.

Bucharest has over the past months been among the staunchest supporters of sanctions against Moscow, and is firmly backing further restrictive measures as its economy is not strongly intertwined with Russia's.

According to Ponta, Romania is planning to turn to China and Turkey and improve trade with them to make up for its energy deficits.

Ponta's comments follow last week's decision of EU leaders to impose further sanctions on Russia over its stance on the Ukraine crisis.