(QHA) - French Interior Minister Manuel Valls claimed country's Roma (Gypsies) to be expelled, reports BBC. “The majority [of Roma] should be delivered back to the borders. We are not here to welcome these people”, - he said. As reported, Mr. Valls has encouraged local councils to systematically dismantle illegal Roma slums, and offer the expelled residents free flights back to their countries of origin. He said few Roma could ever integrate into French society and "the majority" should be sent "back to the borders". In turn, Amnesty International is calling for a ban on forced evictions of Roma people in France in a report out on Wednesday. "A theory that such and such a person or such and such a people will never, ever be able to integrate just doesn't stand up," said Mr. Valls' cabinet colleague, Arnaud Montebourg, according to Agence France-Presse news agency. "That's what they said about the Italians, that's what they said about the Spanish, it's what they said about the Portuguese, and what they said about the Arabs.” As reported, Mr. Valls was also criticized by the UN human rights body, the European Commission, other rights groups including Roma organizations - some of whom are pledging to take Mr. Valls to court for incitement to racial hatred.