“By imposing a blockade of Crimea we are aiming to damage both Moscow’s interests and the current Ukrainian system based on treason and betrayal of national interests. It makes no sense to be asking ourselves why the purportedly Ukrainian government has not put a blockade in place yet. Not only did Poroshenko not blockade Crimea, but also fail to break diplomatic relations with the aggressor and call a war a war. For nearly a year he has been leading the country down the ignominious path paved by the Minsk accords”, says an official statement released by the movement.

According to the Right Sector officials, Poroshenko’s plan, aimed at installing a regime of internal occupation in the country, has so far been working. However, it runs contrary to the national interests of the Right Sector party, which is why it will continue increasing its tactical efforts until patriotic forces are strong enough to operate strategically.

“It is securing tactical victories, including making sure that the Mejlis’s demands are met, that Crimea’s blockade is aimed at. That being said, we are fully aware of the fact that liberating Crimea and occupied areas in Donbass is impossible without armed struggle with the occupants. And a struggle like that is only possible if the strategic goal of ousting a regime of internal occupation and achieving full-fledged statehood is fulfilled,” reads the statement.

On September 8, Refat Chubarov and Mustafa Jemilev, leaders of Crimean Tatars, announced an economic blockade of Crimea due to start on September 20-21.