The Kremlin is continuing to supply its military base in Syria by delivering military equipment there, Reuters reports.

When Vladimir Putin announced the withdrawal of most of Russia's military contingent from Syria, there was an expectation that the Yauza, a Russian naval icebreaker and one of the mission's main supply vessels, would return home to its Arctic Ocean port.

Instead, the "Syrian Express", a nickname given to the ships that have kept Russian forces supplied, leaves Russia fully loaded.

Three days after Putin announced withdrawal of military equipment from Syria, the Yauza, part of the "Syrian Express", left the Russian Black Sea port of Novorossiysk for Tartous, Russia's naval facility in Syria.

“ Whatever it was carrying was heavy; it sat so low in the water that its load line was barely visible. Its movements and those of other Russian ships in the two weeks since Putin's announcement of a partial withdrawal suggest Moscow has in fact shipped more equipment and supplies to Syria than it has brought back in the same period,” a Reuters analysis shows.

The analysis suggests that Russia is working intensively to maintain its military infrastructure in Syria.

By maintaining its military infrastructure in Syria and supplying the Syrian army, Russia can scale up again swiftly if need be, the analysis claims.

It was reported earlier that Vladimir Putin ordered withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria on March 15. According to him, the Russian Armed Forces accomplished all of their missions in the country.

Russian military jets are staying at the Hmeymim airbase in the Syrian province of Latakia to launch bomb raids on what the Russian Defense Ministry refers to as ISSI-held positions

Since the operation in Syria began on September 30, 2015, there have been regular reports alleging that the Russian troops are not fighting ISSI, as it was initially declared, but Syrian opposition forces wagin war on the Bashar Assad regime.